Finding our way

This is a journal of grief and coping.  There are spots of joy and laughter mixed in.  It is therapy for a broken heart. It is trying to find a familiar path in a world I no longer recognize.   It is for me, and for anyone else who knows this horrible journey.

About pathfinder

Artist, Writer, Walking wounded.
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3 Responses to Finding our way

  1. Janece says:


    How I came to find you isn’t nearly as important as the fact that I did. I’ve just spent 30 minutes scrolling backwards from your first post, having no idea what I would read. My eyes are filled with tears – a stranger, yes, but the mother of two…the eldest being a son, 25. My heart breaks for you and your family. Your words here have an awful elegance and beauty. I cannot fathom what you are going through – my mind shies away from even the tip of that iceburg of grief and horror.

    I don’t know any words that could possibly bring you any comfort… I guess I just wanted you to know that I was here. That I read. That my mother’s heart honors your pathway, and the memory of a son gone too soon.

    I’m so so sorry.

  2. JoAnn Fisher-Scholtz says:

    I found you through The compassionate Friend FB page, someone posted “Broken record” ~ your words are my world, my life. I lost my son “Nate” 7 weeks ago in a boating accident. Your words ring so true ~ so many of my own thoughts and emotions. “Hugs to you.”

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