6 Responses to A Dream

  1. JoAnn Fisher Scholtz says:

    Thank you once again –

  2. grahamforeverinmyheart says:

    Lovely and comforting dream! I, too, am “envious” of your daughter, as I have never had such a dream and would very much love to. However, I do take vicarious pleasure in other people’s dreams and at times, like you, believe that perhaps they are more than dreams, maybe even messages. My daughter has had a few message-type dreams and I find them temporarily comforting and encouraging. I wish I would have them. But, then it is just so sad to realize that I am grasping at anything that provides a connection to my son, even a dream.
    We also have a birthday approaching quickly, the first without him. I can’t even bear to think about it.
    Hugs to you.

    • pathfinder says:

      On the first birthday after loosing our son we took a trip to a city he really liked. As it turned out, the anticipation of the day was far worse than the day was in reality. Give yourself lots of space and “a way out” of all situations. Hope the day is filled with good memories and a smile for the sake of your well-loved Graham.

  3. Susan B says:

    My son “visits” me from time to time. It’s comforting even though some of the dreams have been strange. I put my young son onto a horse and galloped through the forest, jumping logs that had fallen across the trail, and each time he fell off I put him back onto the horse and did the same thing. I woke up feeling ashamed even though I knew it was a dream. Crazy eh?

  4. Paige Gant says:

    Pam, I’ve had dreams about Hannah running. I haven’t had one of those in a long time and I’ve never had one like that about Lucas. I don’t think very often about how I don’t have expectations for their futures. I don’t really allow for that. I don’t dare. I’m not sure when I stopped. They are doing very well right now, but when I try to dream about their futures I don’t get very far because I fear disappointment. Unimaginable disappointment. It’s a part of being a parent that is missing from my experience with them. I’ve just recently found out about a family whose son has cancer. My thoughts were, so his parents will now join the club I’m a part of. The one I don’t/can’t explain to another parent. The one you were in with your daughter years ago. The one where you look at your child and wonder if they will survive. It’s so true that none of us are promised our next breath, but that’s not how parents operate. It’s not fitting to have to think that.

    I hope it doesn’t bother you that I write these things. I can’t think of another person I would say this to except you. Our situations aren’t the same. I’m so sorry for the loss of your precious son. I love you. Paige

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