Softer Days



I am in search of a soft day 

where I land easy

where the morning is warm

that my heart fills with light

where promise comes in a whisper of hope


I wake to the day and look for it

among the scattered sorrow

the memories I fear will fade

the longing holds my hand

the empty space is silent


But when you speak to me

about my loved one – now gone

I feel a spark, a warming from within

Not found among the dust or 

stored possessions.


I see his face and hear his voice

I remember his reactions and actions 

and they echo within me

till I ring like a bell 

nudged by the wind of hope-a sweet breath


He was and is and will forever be mine

and I forever his

For this is the truth of life if we choose to love

that in it and by it,  we are willingly inextricably bound

interlaced , intwined by love


About pathfinder

Artist, Writer, Walking wounded.
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6 Responses to Softer Days

  1. Jonathan's mom says:

    Very beautifully written, thank you for sharing this.

  2. So beautiful. It touched my heart very deeply. No matter how long we have lived since our child died, our lives are always “intertwined by love.” Thank you for sharing this poem straight from your heart.

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  4. J. Salavert says:

    Thank you for such meaningful, beautiful words. You’re right, when others find the strength or bravery needed to talk to us about our dead child, something lights up within, a kind of spark that more often than not comes out in tears.

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