Simple Gifts.

Simple gifts, I have received

a grateful heart,

a desire to believe,

in the Spirit of God,

in the spirit of man,

in the hope of peace from a proffered hand.


Love from a husband.

Love from a child.

Love from the Father

in forms so wild, and unexplained in form

and function here on earth

yet given freely at my birth.


Joy in the moment.

Joy in the memory.

Joy of expectation

of what we hope will always be

though time might form another plan.

Joy that someone holds your hand to comfort you

when trouble comes.

Joy when it ends when once begun.


Peace in the sunlight

peace in the shadow

peace in the silence when the sorrow ends

peace for the worker, peace for the sower

peace for the moment when true peace begins






Time begetting patience.

Patience for the time

waiting with the grateful

accepting what is mine.

If crumbs from the banquet

or sumptuous lavish fare, patience

for the moment

accepting what is there.


Kindness from a stranger.

Kindness for a friend.

Open handed offerings

expecting nothing in the end.

Hoping for a nod, a smile if nothing more

kindness in the unknown face

that stands behind the door.


Goodness just for goodness sake,

a scarf blown in the wind.

That trails across the scars of pain

to shelter mice and men

and wrap them up in gentleness, without impunity or rancor.

The goodness shining in the dark

the hearts abiding anchor.


In faith I take my faltering steps

to find where faith may lead.

I’ve stumbled and I’ve fallen and I fear

my unbelief.

And still faith sings a gentle chord , a song I long have known.

And so it is I follow

that faith might lead me home.


Simple gifts I have received

foundations for the days

if days I will be given, then gifts I will repay,

to others here who walk the path

who stumble in their pain,

or walk head high to lead the way

till death has called our name.






About pathfinder

Artist, Writer, Walking wounded.
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